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What is a scooter with seat or balance bike for adults?

A balance bike for adults is like a Scooters for adults with a seat or a bicycle without pedals. It serves as a walking aid for senior citizens or people with health restrictions for whom normal kick scooter riding or cycling is no longer possible.

How do you drive the scooter with seat?

The rider sits on a scooter with a saddle. The movement sequence corresponds to that of normal walking. One leg is placed in front of the other and the rider pushes off alternately with the feet. The feet are in contact with the ground with every step, so that you always have a secure footing even if your balance is disturbed. A small swing is enough to be as fast as a pedestrian. If one pushes off more strongly, significantly faster speeds can also be achieved. At higher speeds, it is also possible to place the feet on the footboard.

Who is a scooter with seat suitable for? 

A scooter with a seat is a Walking aid for persons who Walking impediments have or have difficulties , standing for a long time. Particularly in the case of hip joint problems, after foot operations or with arthrosis in the knee joints, a balance bike for adults is a good option for continuing to integrate movement into everyday life. Also in case of balance problems or e.g. the chronic Fatigue syndrome the balance bike for adults is very helpful.

A scooter with seat has clear advantages over classic walking aids such as a wheelchair, rollator, stool or cane. The main advantage over a wheelchair, for example, is that you are still physically active and have a greater range of movement.

Walking aid Physical activity Range of motion
Wheelchair Low medium
Rollator Medium low
Stool Low low
Stock medium Low
Scooter with seat high high
Compared to bicycles with 3 wheels, the scooter with seat has the advantage that the turning radius is significantly smaller and handling is much easier in everyday life.

Medical indications for the Scooter for adults with seat

The following overview is when the scooter with seats for adults makes sense according to experience. However, they should definitely consult their family doctor or a specialist before they start training on the adult running bike.

  • Coxarthrosis: This describes degenerative processes in the hip joint, also known as joint wear. Regular load-reducing movement of the hip joints leads to to better blood circulation and mild training of the muscles and connective tissue.
  • Overweight: If you are overweight, the joints are noticeably relieved because the main part of the weight rests on the seat.
  • Joint diseases: Also for people with joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis  or osteoarthritis, cycling is a good option. The discomfort is alleviated because the joints are relieved.
  • Chronic wounds: In the case of chronic wounds, the healing process can be accelerated by relieving the pressure. In addition, blood circulation is promoted, which in turn is good for the further healing process.
  • Shop window disease, also Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAVD) called pAOD, leads to pain in the legs, especially when walking. PAD is a narrowing of the arteries, mostly in the legs. After a certain walking distance, muscle pain occurs in the legs, which often forces patients to take breaks while walking. Causes can be, for example, vascular calcification (arteriosclerosis), which is promoted by smoking, high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes mellitus. With the adult walking bike, the pain does not occur as quickly because the legs are less strained.
  • Heart failure: People with heart failure unfortunately suffer from pronounced lassitude and shortness of breath because the heart muscle is not able to pump enough blood through the body. This can occur, for example, as a result of a heart attack or elevated blood pressure.
  • COPD disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease): Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes shortness of breath or chest tightness and fatigue.

More quality of life

In addition to the medical aspects, walking scooters also have a very positive impact on your quality of life. This is because you can still remain mobile and move around healthily despite health restrictions. Walks or daily outings with your partner are suddenly possible again. The walking bike also increases the range of motion of people who are otherwise no longer able to run, ride a scooter or bicycle. In contrast to cycling, it relieves the joints and trains the circulation better and more safely. The danger of tipping over to the side is greatly reduced because you can put both feet on the ground at any time.

Seated scootering strengthens muscles and invigorates breathing, ensuring that you stay fit and don't physically break down. But there are also social aspects. Because if walking becomes difficult, there is a risk that you will no longer go out the door and everyday tasks such as shopping will no longer be done by yourself. A walking bike for adults lets you participate in social life again.

Where can I ride the scooter with seat?

With a balance bike or scooter with seat, you are considered a pedestrian and can therefore travel safely mainly on pavements. The walking bike is used on the pavement in accordance with the road traffic regulations. One simply adapts to the pedestrian.

What do I need?


A scooter with seat requires little maintenance. This is because the wear parts that are familiar from bicycles, such as chain, sprockets and gears, are not present. The wear parts are mainly limited to the tyres and the brakes. It is important to regularly oil all moving parts such as quick-releases. 

Protective equipment and safety

Riding a wheel is in itself very low-risk because you can always support yourself with both feet on the ground. If you are also travelling at walking speed, the risk of injury is very low. However, we recommend that you wear a helmet when Helmet to carry. This is especially true if the driver is still quite mobile and fast speeds are also being driven.

Accessories for scooter with seats

As with any normal scooter, mudguards and lights can be fitted. A stand or a basket with a click holder are also popular. Accessories.

Choosing the right balance bike for adults

What are the differences between the individual models?

The individual scooters with seat differ in terms of

  • Handlebar height
  • Saddle height
  • Wheel size
  • Maximum load capacity

Taller seniors should choose models with higher handlebars and higher saddle height. Please also note the maximum load capacity of the scooters.

If you can still ride a normal scooter, we recommend the Riding a scooter without a seat. This is because even more muscle groups are exercised and the cardiovascular system is trained more strongly. However, riding a scooter is too demanding for many seniors with limitations. If this is the case, we recommend the adult running bike. There are also some scooters like the Kostka brandThe seat can be retrofitted on these scooters. This means that as long as normal scooter riding is possible, the scooter is still ridden without a seat. If the physical condition decreases, it is then possible to switch to a scooter with a seat.