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We are specialists in kick scooters and dog scooters and carry only excellent quality brands - at rock bottom prices. In our kick scooter shop you will find scooters of the brands YedooCrussisMiboKickbick, JD Bug and Xootr. We have a wide variety of products Children's scooters and also to kick scooters for adults.

We invite you to dive into the world of kick scooters on our scooter shop pages and browse through our Online Shop discover the latest models from the most renowned kick scooter producers.

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kick scooters, also called kickbikes, footbikes or scooters, are becoming the new trendy sport. And rightly so - because the scooter combines the advantages of cycling and jogging. Unlike jogging, however, riding a scooter is very easy on the joints. Riding a scooter also has enormous advantages over cycling. You go almost as fast as on a bike, but you use completely different muscles and put much less strain on your knees.

In our online scooter shop, you can buy your desired footbike around the clock from the comfort of your own home. If you are not sure which kick scooter is right for you, our Scooter Finder which is only available exclusively in our scooter shop. Here you can find the right scooter for you and your family in just a few steps.

In our guide section, you can find out more about the right riding technique and what you need to consider when buying a kick scooter. If you have any further questions, our customer service is there for you. We focus on first-class service and are happy to advise you. That's why our scooter shop also offers a 30-day return policy. Of course, we ship all our scooters pre-assembled, so that only a few steps are needed until your desired scooter is ready to ride. And you can be happy - when you buy a footbike in our online shop, it will be shipped the very next day.

We have made a conscious decision in our scooter shop to offer only a small, selected range of high-quality and safe scooters. electric scooters to be included. Various studies have shown that e-scooters are harmful to the climate and the environment in the vast majority of cases of use. This is because most people use electric scooters instead of walking, cycling or using public transport - but not to replace a car journey. In a French study with 4,400 users, only nine percent of the respondents stated that they had dispensed with a car or taxi ride because of the e-scooter. The majority of the trips were purely fun trips that would have been possible even without the e-scooter. One Study by the University of North Carolina also showed that the carbon footprint (from material extraction to production to use of the electric scooters) is around 88 - 126 grams of CO2 per scooter and kilometre. This balance is better than that of a car, but worse than that of a full diesel bus, for example..

If you are looking for a kick scooter for the last mile or want to move through the city centre with fun and speed, you are far better off with our muscle-powered kick scooters. Because you are protecting the climate and doing something for your health! You will find a large selection of kickscooters in our online shop.

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