Kids scooter from 3 years (90cm)

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Kids scooter for 3 -year-olds

For children aged 3, riding a scooter is the ideal training for motor skills and coordination. This is because the little ones practise their balance and learn to estimate speeds and distances. Riding a scooter is therefore the ideal preparation for riding a bicycle, which usually starts at the age of four. Children who can already ride a scooter well usually find it much easier to learn to ride a bicycle. Just as for 2-year-olds, we also recommend a micro scooter with 3 wheels for children aged 3. This makes it much easier for the little ones to keep their balance, so that they quickly develop self-confidence in handling the scooter. Some very skilled children from the age of 3 can already ride scooters with only 2 wheels. However, this is rather an exception and for most 3 year olds the micro scooter remains the scooter of choice.

Robust children's scooters from 3 years - for girls and boys

Regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl - at the age of 3, children are already moving around quite briskly on their scooters. That's why the scooters have to be of a very high quality and also convince in terms of safety. The scooters from the quality brand Micro, which we carry in our shop, are ideal for this. With their particularly safe handlebars, the extra soft (but still stable thanks to the fibreglass reinforcement) footboard and the high-quality brake, they set standards in terms of safety and quality. The variety of colours of the scooters makes it possible to find the right children's scooter for every taste, whether boy or girl.

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