Folding scooter for adults

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Folding scooter - folding mechanism

Folding scooters have a folding mechanism integrated into the frame of the scooter that allows the scooter to be folded in seconds. The folding functions are usually so intelligently designed that only one hand is needed to fold the scooter. The scooters can thus be quickly folded into a very compact size with one hand.

Why folding scooters are ideal for commuters

Folding scooters are ideal for all scooter riders who need to transport the scooter frequently - whether in the car, on the bus, train or even in their own stairwell. This is of course due to the handy folding size.

But folding scooters have other advantages for commuters:

  • They may (unlike bicycles) be taken on public transport free of charge
  • Adults as well as children are allowed to ride a scooter on the pavement and in pedestrian zones.
  • For most models there are handy Transport bagsThe foldable scooters can be stored neatly and easily in these.

Different models

There are different models of folding scooters. One major difference is whether the scooter has pneumatic tyres or not.

Comparison Folding scooter with pneumatic tyres with plastic tyres
Gravel and forest paths +++ +
Longer distances over 5km +++ +
Ride comfort +++ ++
Handy folding size ++ +++
Low weight + +++

If a small folding size and low weight are important to you and you are primarily travelling on asphalt, scooters with plastic wheels are the right choice. You should choose a folding scooter with pneumatic tyres if you want to travel longer distances, even on uneven terrain, but still do not want to do without a handy folding function. The larger the inch size of the pneumatic tyres, the better the driving characteristics. At the same time, however, the scooters become more unwieldy. You have to find the right balance for your needs.

On this page you will only find Folding scooter for adults. For children there are also foldable Kids scooter.