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Kids scooter with pneumatic tyres 2023 - Great riding fun for little adventurers.

Children's scooters with pneumatic tyres are a real insider tip. While just about every child has a scooter these days, it is usually with Hard plastic wheels and not with tyres filled with air. On this page you can find out what distinguishes pedal scooters with pneumatic tyres and why they are superior to scooters with rubber tyres in many respects.

What distinguishes kids scooters with pneumatic tyres

Children's scooters with pneumatic tyres have air-filled wheels with a casing and inner tube, as known from bicycles. Compared to conventional children's scooters with rubber tyres, the pneumatic tyres are not the only difference. Children's scooters with pneumatic tyres are also characterised by the following features:

  • Wider tyres
  • Larger wheels
  • Larger wheelbase
  • V-Brake handbrake like on a bicycle

Advantages of children's scooters with pneumatic tyres

The pneumatic tyres and the other features bring some advantages:

  • More safety for your child
  • More stability and comfort for your child
  • Larger radius for your child
  • More driving fun

Scooters with plastic wheels are simply useless for use on gravel or dirt roads. In addition, the wheels offer little suspension and pass on every bump directly to your child.

Kids scooter with pneumatic tyres offer a high level of driving comfort, no matter what the surface. Because the wheels compensate for the unevenness of the road surface, the driving experience becomes more comfortable, more stable and also safer. The bicycle-like handbrake also provides extra safety for your child. The good driving characteristics of scooters with pneumatic tyres also significantly expand the radius for scooter tours, so that nothing stands in the way of the next longer family outing.

Yedoo New Mau children's scooter with pneumatic tyres
Yedoo New Mau children's scooter with pneumatic tyres

Children's scooter with pneumatic tyres vs. with rubber tyres

Where there is light, there is also shadow. Of course, children's scooters with pneumatic tyres are not superior to the widely used scooters with plastic wheels in every respect. The following table shows where the advantages and disadvantages of the respective Scooters for children lie.

Comparison Kids scooter with pneumatic tyres Scooter without pneumatic tyres
Driving safety Increased driving safety, as pneumatic tyres are larger and have a larger surface area Driving safety for your child is only given on asphalt
Ride comfort Pneumatic tyres cushion uneven ground and protect your child Shocks and bumps are passed directly to your child
Reach Also suitable for longer distances and excursions Ideal for short distances on neighbourhood roads
Manoeuvrability Scooters with pneumatic tyres are slightly less manoeuvrable Very manoeuvrable scooters, often also foldable
Off-road capability Scooters with air-filled tyres can also be used in light terrain and on field and forest paths Scooters without pneumatic tyres can only be used to a limited extent on gravel roads and the like. Riding comfort and safety are limited.
Weight between 5 and 10 kg between 2 and 5 kg
Price Children's scooters with pneumatic tyres usually cost between 100 and 350 euros Pedal scooters with hard plastic tyres usually cost between 50 and 150 euros

For children who primarily roll on asphalt paths in the neighbourhood and are looking for a manoeuvrable, inexpensive and space-saving scooter, the classic scooter with hard plastic tyres is certainly well advised. Children who also want to ride on gravel or dirt roads and value a good and safe ride should rather opt for scooters with pneumatic tyres.

How do I choose the right scooter with pneumatic tyres for my child?

Find the right size

Observe minimum size

Of course, it is first important to find the right size of scooter with pneumatic tyres for your child. The minimum size specified by the manufacturer is much more important than the age. After all, the size of kids varies greatly, even if they are the same age. The minimum size of the manufacturer should not necessarily be undercut and at the same time, of course, there should still be plenty of room for improvement so that the scooter can be ridden for a long time. That's why we recommend: As big as possible, but don't go below the minimum size!

Handlebar width and height

The handlebar height of scooters for children should always be adjustable so that the scooters can keep pace with growth. Therefore, take a close look at how much play the handlebars still have upwards. This will ensure that your child can ride the scooter for a long time. In addition to the height of the handlebars, the width of the handlebars is also important. When you compare two or more scooters with pneumatic tyres, you should always look at the width of the handlebars. If the handlebars are wider, your child will need longer arms and it may be difficult for your child to spread their arms that far.

What security features should I look out for?

  • Safety standard: Of course, the safety of the pedal scooter with pneumatic tyres is the top priority. The relevant safety standard is the European DIN standard EN71 . You should check whether the scooter complies with this standard. But also pay attention to the legally prescribed CE mark you should pay attention to.
  • Impact cushion prevent your child from hitting their head or chin on the handlebars when braking hard and protect your child from injury
  • Reflectors ensure more safety in road traffic
  • Thickened handle ends protect your children's hands from injury.


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Our scooters with pneumatic tyres in the shop - Only the best quality scooters for your child

Not all scooters are the same and even the pneumatic tyres differ. In our shop you will not find any cheap goods, but only Kids scooter from quality brands such as Yedoo.  In addition to the quality of the scooters, the size of the pneumatic tyres is also crucial. Because if the wheels are very small, the advantage of pneumatic tyres is still limited. Therefore, we recommend scooters with pneumatic tyres that are at least 12 inches in size for children. The large wheels provide a much better and safer ride. This is the only way that the advantage of pneumatic tyres really pays off.