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What distinguishes Crussis brand scooters

Cheeky, young, dynamic and yet high quality and durable. The Crussis brand represents Scooters for adults and combines extraordinary Quality with an extraordinary design.

Crussis Logo
Crussis Logo

Quality of the scooters

The heart of every scooter is the frame. Unlike other brands, Crussis does not import frames from China, but has them made in the Czech Republic. The company has patented the ingenious frame system in the EU and the USA. Of course, only high-quality brand products such as Shimano, Schwalbe or Tektro are used for the components. But it is also the small details that are convincing:

  • Replaceable running boards
  • internally routed brake cables
  • cleverly placed bell
  • etc.

While the footboard of other manufacturers is riveted to the frame, the footboard of Crussi's scooters can be unscrewed and replaced with a wider footboard. The handles can also be unscrewed and replaced and the bell is intelligently integrated into the brake. Another striking feature are the brake cables that run inside the frame, which not only make for a cool look, but also require much less maintenance.

As soon as you assemble the scooter, you notice that the work here is of high quality. While with other manufacturers the brakes are not well adjusted and / or the wheels are a bit wobbly, with Crussi's everything fits. You mount the wheels and the handlebars and off you go. This quality, even in the details, not only ensures extraordinary durability, but also excellent riding characteristics.

Typical Crussis design

When it comes to design, Crussis relies on bright neon colours, which are sometimes combined with each other in a colourful way. This gives all scooters a uniform, unmistakable look and makes them real eye-catchers. When you are on the road with a Crussis scooter, there is a high risk of being approached. Because the scooters look absolutely stylish.



Despite high quality and striking design, the prices of the scooters are rather mid-range. Crussis achieves this through the lower production costs in the Czech Republic compared to other western countries. The young brand passes this price advantage on to its customers.


Crussis has 4 basic models in its range, designed for different applications:

Model Description
Urban The URBAN pedal scooters are all-round scooters that cut a fine figure everywhere - whether in the city, on cobblestones, on the road or on dirt tracks. They are suitable for hobby riders with high demands. The scooter convinces with excellent handling due to its short wheelbase and is also designed for higher speeds.
Cross The CROSS is a scooter that was created especially for off-road and dogscooting. It convinces with an extremely stable frame, very good suspension characteristics, grippy brakes, and precise handling even on demanding terrain.
Active The ACTIVE scooters are suitable for City and easy terrain. They are extremely easy to manoeuvre and very compact.
Road The ROAD scooter from Crussis is a sports scooter designed for competition on asphalt. It is suitable for all those who like speed and want to ride a scooter as a racing sport.
Crussis Yellow/Black
Cross model

About the company

Crussis is a small company with currently 16 employees and its headquarters near Prague, where its production is also located. In addition to scooters, the brand also produces e-bikes. The company is still quite young and was only founded in 2013. According to their mission "Enjoy your Life - Enjoy your life", they specialise in producing eye-catching products with a fun factor that contribute to the health of our lives.

Crussis has its own Youtube Channel, where you can find many interesting videos about the scooters and scooter riding itself.