Kids scooter from 5 years (110cm)

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Children's scooters for 5-year-old girls and boys

Children's scooters from the age of 5 should be adapted to the needs of five-year-old children. While many four-year-olds still tend to ride micro scooters with 3 wheels, almost all 5-year-olds are ready to ride a larger scooter with only 2 wheels. As a rule, by the age of 5, motor skills and coordination are so mature that it is no longer a problem to maintain balance with 2 wheels. Thus, at the age of 5, boys and girls learn very quickly to ride larger scooters or bicycles.

Scooters and scooters for children from 5 years

At the age of 5, the world of Scooter and City scooter for your children. Here you can choose between Kids scooter with pneumatic tyres and scooters with hard plastic wheels. Scooters with hard plastic wheels are extremely fast, handy and manoeuvrable, and most of them can also be folded. However, they are only suitable for asphalt. Scooters with pneumatic tyres, on the other hand, are somewhat larger and less handy, but they are convincing in terms of riding comfort and safety, so that they are also suitable for longer trips and gravel roads.

If your child is already taller than 115 cm, the more "grown-up" scooters from 5 years of age, such as the Yedoo New Tidit or the Yedoo One are in question. Both are inexpensive scooters for entry into the world of scooters and can be ridden well up to the age of 7 or 8. They impress with the quality that you would expect from the brand. Yedoo is used to. Of course, the design is also convincing all along the line and the large variety of colours offers both girls and boys enough choices to find their personal dream scooter.

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