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With a cargo scooter you can transport heavy loads within your company without much effort. Your employees are relieved and transport times are shortened. In our online shop you will find a large selection of transportation scooter, Industrial and company scooters of renowned manufacturers at favourable conditions.

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What is a cargo scooter?

A cargo scooter is a stable scooter that is used for transporting loads within the company. These scooters can be used to transport different loads with a high weight relatively effortlessly. Their advantage over cargo scooters is that they consist of far fewer moving parts and are therefore less prone to defects. Due to their smaller size, they can also be easily used inside factory halls directly near production facilities. In addition, the risk of accidents is reduced compared to the cargo bike, as the driver moves much closer to the ground.

What types of cargo scooters are there?

For the internal transport of goods or persons, the following are connected to a Cargo scooter for transportation different requirements. In recent years, manufacturers have developed 3 different types of load scooters for different purposes in a company. Typical scooter configurations and designations for transport scooters are

Cargo scooter type Construction Number of wheels Front tyres Rear tyres Resilience
Company scooter single-track 2 Pneumatic tyres Pneumatic tyres approx. 100 - 120 kg
Industrial scooter two lanes  3 Pneumatic tyres Solid rubber approx. 100 - 120 kg
Cargo scooter for transportation two lanes 3 Solid rubber Solid rubber  approx.100 - 150 kg

The designations for the various cargo scooters can vary depending on the manufacturer.

Transporatation scooters - the cargo scooter for employees

Special company scooters are available for employees' journeys within the company. They are particularly suitable for employees who have to cover long distances within the company during work. They are very similar to normal pedal scooters and for road traffic. These scooters usually have only one track and are equipped with pneumatic tyres. An example of this cargo scooter is the ESLA 4102 with automatically folding stand from our online shop.

Industrial scooters - safe load scooters with three wheels

Industrial scooters are also often referred to as company scooters. An industrial scooter is a two-track scooter with a steered front wheel and two rear wheels. The rear wheels are each mounted on a separate skid. Because of this design, this type of scooter rides very safely even on slippery surfaces. And, they do not need a stand. The Ergobjörn 10 Tricycle Scooter is a very solid scooter of this type with double skid.

Cargo scooters - sturdy scooters for transporting materials

The classic freight scooter also had 3 wheels. However, the arrangement of the wheels is different from that of an industrial scooter. A cargo scooter has 2 steered front wheels and a braked rear wheel. The front wheels on a cargo scooter are usually made of solid rubber. Solid rubber wheels are non-slip, cut-resistant and resistant to many alkalis and acids as well as oils and greases. The transport platform on a cargo scooter is mounted directly above the front wheels. This results in a very compact, resilient and manoeuvrable construction. Transport scooters for heavy loads are overall very robust and ideal for use in industrial plants. The rear wheel is usually equipped with a generously dimensioned Drum brake equipped.

The frame of all scooter types is a very sturdy tubular steel construction that is dimensioned according to the conditions of use. A bright zinc coating or powder coating ensures optimum rust protection and a long service life for the frame. Smooth-running Ball bearing in the wheels ensure low frictional resistance during travel and significantly reduce the effort required for locomotion.

Both cargo scooters and industrial and company scooters can be equipped with a suitable Lighting can be fitted to improve visibility in low light conditions. If not fitted as standard, the scooters can be equipped with a sturdy Basket be retrofitted to carry bags, documents and other items.

Where are transportation scooter used in companies?

In recent years, cargo scooters have conquered almost all areas in companies. Robust load scooters with a large transport platform are used for order picking, in-house material transport, for transporting documents, tools, equipment, parts and machine components inside and outside factory halls. Examples of these versatile and durable load rollers are the Ergobjörn 86 Premium with loading platform or the Ergobjörn X19 load roller from our online shop.

A typical example of the use of industrial scooters in a company is as a maintenance vehicle, which can be used to quickly transport technicians as well as the equipment needed for maintenance and repair work. Some companies provide their employees with single-track company scooters such as the Ergobjörn 65 Premium with basket to get from A to B within the company. These scooters are also suitable for visitor tours in extensive industrial facilities. The most important areas of application for load scooters in industry and logistics are

  • Order picking
  • Material provision
  • Document transport
  • Mail distribution
  • Passenger transport
  • Visitor tours
  • in-house maintenance

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What advantages does a cargo scooter offer your company?

The flexible application possibilities and the high load capacity are only two advantages that a cargo scooter offers for internal use. Cargo scooter for transportation are very easy to handle. Practically anyone can start riding these scooters immediately. A driving licence or a special test are not required to use these scooters. Another advantage is the unlimited range. A cargo scooter is always ready for use. There is no need to recharge the battery. Since these scooters are only powered by a little muscle power, they are also completely emission-free and can also be used inside buildings.

Time saving due to transportation scooters

The models equipped with solid rubber or pneumatic tyres Transportation scooter also run very quietly. Another plus point if they are to be used inside company buildings. Last but not least, an industrial scooter shortens the transport time of people and loads within the company. Employees who have to walk from one part of the company to another are much slower. The use of industrial scooters can shorten interruptions in operations, for example, due to repairs, and speed up operational processes.

The advantages of cargo trolleys at a glance

  • flexible application
  • High load capacity
  • Time saving
  • Relief for the employees
  • low-maintenance
  • low driving noise
  • No driving licence required
  • emission-free
  • unlimited range

A cargo scooter is an investment that pays for itself very quickly for your company. With a robust and durable transportation scooter from our online shop, you not only acquire a reliable transport device for people or heavy objects. Our load rollers offer you numerous other advantages.

Our tip: Order the matching Accessories for your new cargo scooter at the same time. If you have any questions about our cargo scooters, the areas of application or advantages, please call us or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation. If you need larger quantities, we will be happy to provide you with a free and non-binding offer.

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Cargo scooter maintenance