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Mibo scooter - highest quality in real handwork

MIBO is a Czech scooter manufacturer that only produces around 2500 scooters a year. The scooters are handmade by 15 experienced and long-term employees with the highest quality standards. Mibo-Scooters has its headquarters in Roznov pod Radhostem in the Czech Republic and was founded in 1998 by Breta Michalek, who is still involved in the company today. Since then, the brand has stood for extremely stable and at the same time smooth-running pedal scooters. Today, Pavel Werner directs the business as CEO. However, nothing has changed in terms of orientation. Production was deliberately limited to 2500 scooters in order to meet his demand for maximum quality and the highest frame forging art.

For a long time, Mibo scooters for adults were something of an insider tip in the kickbike scene. In the meantime, however, word has gotten around that Mibo Scooter are excellently manufactured and offer high quality at an affordable price. The extraordinarily designed Mibo scooters are convincing more and more scooter riders all over Europe and the USA. In our online shop you will find a large selection of Mibo scooters for different purposes.

Who is Mibo?

Mibo is a Czech pedal scooter manufacturer. The small company is based in Ronov pod Radhotem near the Czech-Slovak border. At Mibo, there is no automated production and no computer-controlled machines. In the manufactory, all scooters are made by hand. Only where it is not possible otherwise, simple machine tools are used. This is the reason why only about 2,500 hand-made and thoroughly tested scooters are delivered to dealers in Northern, Central and Southern Europe as well as in the USA every year. The development of new models also takes longer than with other manufacturers because of extensive testing. Several months pass between the first idea and several prototypes until the scooter is ready for series production. High-quality components such as non-slip foam grips, first-class workmanship and the unique and unusual frame design ensure a high level of safety with every new model. Mibo scooter for a low weight combined with maximum stability and a long service life.

Mibo Scooter - unique design paired with perfect workmanship

A common feature of all Mibo adult scooters is the double front frame tube. This design allows slim tubes with a low weight to be used for the construction of the frame. Depending on the length, the double tubes are stiffened with cross joints in one or two places. Some Mibo scooters for adults can thus be loaded with up to 150 kg. For example, the Mibo Royal model from our online shop.

Scooter from Mibo - foldable and with reliable brakes

It is practical that many scooter models from the Czech manufacturer can be folded up in a few easy steps and stowed and transported in the boot, for example. Reliable deceleration is ensured by easy-grip rim brakes or generously dimensioned disc brakes. For example, on the Royal Disc and Split Disc models.

The advantages of Mibo pedal scooters for adults

Thanks to their impeccable craftsmanship and the use of high-quality components, they offer you the following benefits Mibo Scooter has a number of decisive advantages:

  • Robust steel frame
  • Very good workmanship
  • High load capacity
  • low dead weight
  • Long service life

Mibo scooters for every purpose at tretroller-laden.de

In our online shop you will find a large selection of Mibo scooters for adults. The following table gives you an overview of which Mibo scooter is best suited for which purpose.

Table Table
Universal scooter
  • GT Split
  • Royal
  • Royal Disc
  • Universe
City scooter / Foldable scooter
  • Mastr 16/16 inch
  • GT Split
  • Royal
Touring scooter
  • GS
  • Universe
  • Malaga
  • GT / GT Split
Sport Scooter
  • GS
  • GT
  • GT Split
  • Reevo
  • Split Disc

You can find even more scooters from Mibo with the help of our scooter finder. Just give it a try.

Accessories for Mibo Scooter in the online shop of tretroller-laden.de

If you want to customise your Mibo scooter to meet your individual needs, you can find everything you need for your new Mibo scooter in our online shop, from mudguards to lights and practical carry bags. We also have the right accessories for you in our range. For example, helmets, gloves or even socks. Just take a look around our online shop and convince yourself of our favourable offer with Mibo scooters and accessories. If you have any questions about our offers or are not sure which Mibo scooter is right for you, just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will be happy to help you.