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Swifty Scooters

Swifty Scooters was founded in 2010 by design duo Jason and Camilla Iftakhar and has since been producing exceptional scooters with the aim of bringing fun and adventure to urban life.

Their story began in London when Jason Iftakhar developed the world's first foldable premium kick scooter for adults, the SwiftyONE MK1, designed. They rode the first prototypes through the streets of London and quickly discovered the freedom and versatility of this two-wheeled, foldable pedal scooter.


Camilla and Jason began making and assembling SwiftyONE in their Manchester workshop and launched the product at London Design Week in 2011, while getting their start-up off the ground with the help of their design consultancy. In 2012, high-profile collaborations with, among others. Paul Smith for the company to deliver products to hundreds of customers around the world in its first year.

Years of expansion

Over the next few years, the Swifty Scooters from a company that focused on commuters to a scooter lifestyle brand that also offered adventure and fitness scooters. The couple started working with manufacturing partners in Taiwan, which gave Jason more time to spend with his young family and more time to ride.

With thousands of scooters already covering millions of kilometres, the Swifty community has continued to push the boundaries of what scooters can do. From the first ascent of the Mount Snowdon to the 1000-mile long-distance trip around Japan.


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THE VISION of Swifty Scooters

With a mission to inspire healthier travel, Swifty inspires many people to replace short car journeys with this infinitely more fun and sustainable mode of transport. In 2017, the Swifty electric model range was added to the mix. The signature 16-inch wheels and sleek design provide a smooth and stable ride unlike any other scooter on the market.