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Buy Kickbike scooter cheap in our online shop

Kick scooters for adults are becoming increasingly popular for good reason. Today, there is a suitable kickbike for almost every purpose and requirement. Whether for shopping, cruising, fast off-road rides or street racing. Kickbikes are light and manoeuvrable. Original kickbikes still come from Finland today. Are worth a second look not only because of their unique construction. In our online shop you will find a wide range of kickbikes from cross scooters and racing scooters to dogscooters and folding scooters at a reasonable price.

The original Kickbike - Finnish pedal scooter in a class of its own

Tretroller Sport Seniors with the Kickbike

The brand Kickbike has become synonymous worldwide with Pedal scooters have become. Kickbike Worldwide Ltd. was founded in 1994 by Hannu Vierikko in Helsinki, Finland. Hannu Vierikko is still the head of the company today and knows what he is doing. He is a 10-time Kicksled World Champion and has been involved in the development of sporty pedal scooters for adults since the mid-1980s. Today, Kickbike Worldwide Ltd. is one of the best-known and largest manufacturers of adult pedal scooters in the world. The high-quality scooters, manufactured according to ethical and the latest ecological standards, are sold through a constantly growing network of branches and dealers in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Large front wheels for more safety and comfort

Probably the most striking feature of every kickbike is the large front wheel. What at first glance looks like it was born out of necessity, because no second small wheel was available, is well thought out. The front wheel, the size of a normal bicycle wheel, increases the riding comfort, safety and stability of a kickbike. Due to the large diameter, these scooters roll more safely through potholes, gravel, manhole covers that are too deep or over cobblestones.

A large impeller is basically a large Roundabout. This noticeably increases stability when riding and steering movements are less hectic. The significantly smaller rear wheel allows for a compact design, making the kickbike lighter and more agile. All in all, a Kickbike but far more than a compromise between an adult bicycle and a children's scooter.

Kickbikes for every purpose

As with bicycles, there are also different versions of kickbikes for different purposes. In our online shop you will find the following types of kickbikes

  • Road Roller
  • Cross & Dog Sport Scooter
  • City scooter
  • Fitness scooter
  • Family scooter
  • Folding scooter

With the exception of the folding scooters and the Sportrollers Race Max 28 every kickbike follows the same design principle with a large front wheel and a small rear wheel. The differences only become apparent at second glance.

Kickbike scooter for everyday use

A typical everyday scooter is the CITY G4. The CITY G4 kickbike is a comfortable scooter for shorter trips in the city. The CRUISER MAX kickbike was designed for leisurely cruising. The handlebar ends are bent backwards to allow relaxed cruising with an upright posture. And of course, the Finnish manufacturer also offers a modern e-scooter in the form of the E-CRUISER MAX. With Accessories from our online shop, you can equip every Kickbike scooter according to your ideas.

Kickbike scooter for sport & leisure

Equally suitable for sporty riding on roads and off-road is the FREERIDE G4 kickbike with a slightly smaller front wheel and high handlebars. The SPORT G4 and the CROSS MAX 29/26 scooter are also the right choice for sporty use. The CROSS MAX 29/26 scooter offers higher ground clearance and is ideal as a Dogscooter for Mushing and suitable for off-road riding. The slightly larger rear wheel compared to other kickbikes ensures more safety.

Kickbike off-road

How do you ride a kickbike?

A kickbike is as easy to ride as a children's scooter. With the difference that with a Kickbike you can ride much faster. With a kickbike, the push-off movements are long and smooth. This way you can quickly reach a high speed. If you want. Of course, you can also roll quite comfortably.

With kickbikes you stand with one leg, the supporting leg, on the tread of the scooter. Your standing leg is slightly bent and your knee is not fully extended. Your other leg is the swing leg or kick leg. To start rolling, briefly push off the ground once or twice with the foot of your swing leg. To go faster, let your kick leg swing forward and lift your knee. The lower leg should point more or less downwards. The faster you want to go, the higher you lift your knee.

Then move the swing leg backwards and extend it so that your toes touch the floor directly next to the foot of your supporting leg. At the same moment you push off by extending your swing leg and hip backwards. At the same time stretch your arms and bend your supporting leg. The upper body and kick leg form a line at the end of the kick.

After pushing off, extend your supporting leg briefly, straighten up and let your kicking leg swing forward again. By bending your supporting leg when you push off, the foot of the kick leg is in contact with the road for a long time and you can push off very strongly. This is basically the whole secret of why you can reach high speeds on a kickbike on a flat road. Sounds complicated? Just try it out for yourself. In the following video you can see how a pro does it:


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How fast is a kickbike?

As I said, you can ride a kickbike very fast if you want to. Of course, the speed depends on how hard you push off and how much power you have in your legs. We have compiled typical speeds for a kickbike for you in the following table.

Speed How fast does a kickbike go?
0 - 5 km/h Walking speed for busy streets
5 - 15 km/h Slow pace on the level and on slopes
15 - 20 km/ Standard speed for cruising
20 - 30 km/h Active sporting activity / road and off-road
30 - 40 km/h  Short sprints on flat roads
40 - 120 km/h  Maximum speed downhill

Regardless of how fast you go on your kickbike, D


ou should always have a Helmet wear. And not only for fast rides on the road and off-road rides should you additionally protect yourself by suitable Gloves protect. We also have great kickbike jerseys and apparel in our shop.

You still have questions about kickbikes or our offers. Just give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to advise you on all questions about kickbikes and help you choose the right kickbike for your needs.