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Anyone who enjoys riding over rough terrain far from paved roads is certainly familiar with downhill bikes or at least mountain bikes. Downhill scooter were more of an insider tip until not so long ago. In the meantime, however, the robust scooters for off-road use have become more than just an alternative to the downhill bike for many enthusiastic downhill riders. Downhill scooters are robust, fast and very easy to ride. In our shop you will find high-quality downhill scooters from the most renowned and experienced manufacturers such as Kickbike and Gravity.

Downhill scooter jump

What is a downhill scooter?

Downhill scooter or Downhill scooters are specially designed for off-road descents. Scooter. Their most striking feature is the significantly larger front wheel compared to the rear wheel. The handlebars are also usually lower than on other scooters. To ensure that downhill scooters can withstand the high stresses of off-road riding and can be ridden safely, they differ from other scooters in almost every component.

What makes a good downhill scooter?

A good Downhill scooter differs in many ways from scooters you ride on the road. The most important differences concern

  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Frame
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Footboard

Wheels & Tyres for Downhill Scooters

On a good downhill scooter, the front wheel has a diameter of at least 26 inches. This wheel size was also standard for mountain bikes until a few years ago. It is important that the tyres at the front and rear have good treads to ensure good grip even on muddy surfaces. The rear wheel on these scooters is significantly smaller, measuring 18 to 20 inches, and allows for greater agility than on a mountain bike, for example.

Downhill scooter frame

In order for the frame to withstand the stresses and strains of off-road use, it is reinforced at neuralgic points or is generally more stable. The stronger and more stable frame is also a reason why downhill scooters are usually several kilograms heavier than comparable other scooters.

Downhill scooter suspension

With a Downhill scooter the front wheel suspension is indispensable. The suspension ensures that the tyres do not lose contact with the ground in case of bumps. If you lose contact with the ground, you can no longer control the scooter. Without front wheel suspension, the shocks during the ride would also put excessive strain on your wrists, elbows and shoulder joints. Numbness is often the result. Most manufacturers use suspension forks with a travel of about 150 to 200 mm for their scooters. However, there are exceptions. If the scooter is equipped with Fatbike tyres such as the KICKBIKE FATMAX 26/20 inch downhill scooter from our online shop is equipped, then the scooter does not need a suspension fork. The thick tyres absorb shocks just as well.

Downhill scooter suspension fork with long travel
Downhill scooter suspension fork with long travel
Disc Brakes Downhill Scooter
Disc Brakes Downhill Scooter

Brakes on a downhill scooter

One of the most important components of a downhill scooter is its brakes. For city or fitness scooters, a rim brake is often sufficient. A good Downhill scooters is always with Disc brakes on the front and rear wheel. Disc brakes are much less sensitive to dirt and moisture. Their braking effect is generally significantly higher. Whether the scooter is equipped with mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes is only of secondary importance.

The running board - long, wide and non-slip

A good Downhill scooter has a wide, long and very non-slip footboard. The length and width are greater than on normal scooters because you stand on the footboard with both feet when riding. It must be non-slip so that you have a secure footing in wet conditions. In contrast to normal pedal scooters, the footboard on some models, such as the Gravity DH Iron Downhill Scooter or at the CRUSSIS CROSS Downhill scooter pulled upwards in the front area. This prevents the frame from getting stuck on an obstacle as far as possible. You should protect yourself on every ride with at least a Helmet and Gloves Protect

In summary, a good downhill scooter is characterised by

  • 26 Front wheel
  • 18 to 20 inch rear wheel
  • Front suspension fork or fat tyres
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • reinforced frame
  • Large, non-slip footboard

All these changes compared to other scooters result in a higher weight. Most Downhill scooters weigh around 4 to 5 kg more than, for example, a City scooter. However, the higher weight is not always a disadvantage. When going downhill, a downhill scooter becomes faster than other scooters precisely because of its greater mass.

Where can I ride a downhill scooter?

In principle, you can ride a downhill scooter anywhere you are allowed to ride your bike. This also means on the road. Provided your scooter is equipped in accordance with the road traffic licensing regulations.

You can also use a downhill scooter on forest paths. In some federal states, however, the so-called 2-metre rule applies. This means that the paths must be at least two metres wide for you to be allowed to use them. Which paths you are allowed to use is regulated in the respective forest laws of the federal states. However, you are not allowed to simply drive between the trees in any of the federal states. Basically, when you ride your downhill scooter through the forest, you should be considerate of nature and other people. The forest is primarily for recreation. And you always ride on sight. You should therefore be able to stop in time if someone is coming towards you.

Riding across fields, fields and meadows, on the other hand, is not allowed. You are on the safe side if you ride your downhill scooter in bike parks. Although the use of the specially designed trails costs money, they are well maintained and much safer than trails in the forest. The parks often have a lift that brings you back to the starting point in comfort. In the following table you will find a small list of popular bike parks that also have downhill trails for downhill scooters.

Name Downhill course Location Number of routes
Bike Park Oberhof Oberhof / Thuringia 4 Stretches
Rosstrappen Downhill Thale / Saxony-Anhalt 1 Track
Bike Park Winterberg Winterberg / NRW 10 Routes
Warsteiner Bike Park Warstein / NRW 6 Routes
Bike Park Hahnenklee near Goslar/ Lower Saxony 6 Routes
Bikewelt Schöneck Schöneck (Vogtland) Saxony 5 Routes
Bike Park Hahnenklee near Goslar/ Lower Saxony 6 Routes
Conti Bikepark Bad Wildbad Bad Wildbad / Baden-Württemberg 7 Routes


The time has come for a new kick. Order your new downhill scooter today here in the online shop of at a reasonable price. If you have any questions, just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right downhill scooter for you.


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