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Where are company scooter/ industrial scooter used?

Company scooters, also called industrial scooters, are used in a wide range of industries and sectors. Our industrial scooters are suitable wherever longer distances have to be covered on company premises or within a company building. The scooters are often used on the premises of the following institution:

  • Hospitals and care facilities
  • Industrial facilities and extensive production sites
  • Warehouses
  • Exhibition grounds
  • Airports
  • Fitness equipment for military

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Industrial scooters for the company premises and factory site

Very long distances also often have to be covered on an industrial site, especially in the chemical industry. Here, too, the use of a scooter for the industrial plant is worthwhile. Because with the scooter, the routes on the factory premises can be covered much faster than on foot. Industrial scooters are therefore often used in large industrial plants or large production sites. But scooters are also on duty for the company's employees in large warehouses, a weiltheavy exhibition centre or in airports.

Scooters for hospitals and care institutions

Especially in the Hospital or in large Care facilities such as retirement homes, long distances and corridors often have to be covered within the company building. These routes can be effectively shortened with a company scooter. A scooter is ideal for shortening distances in a hospital. Because the rider is very close to the ground and can jump off at any time, the risk of falling and accidents on the service routes is almost zero. For the hospital, a model with white tyres is recommended, such as the Esla 4102as this avoids black streaks on the hospital floor.


What makes a good service scooter?

Of course, for a service scooter you can rely on all Scooters for adults from our online shop. Nevertheless, the scooters listed on this page are characterised by the fact that they have been specially designed for use on the factory premises or in companies and have the following features:

  • Particularly low maintenance
  • Very robustly built
  • extra deep footboard for convenient entry and exit
  • white tyres to avoid rubber abrasion marks
  • practical details such as basket, automatic stand etc.

In our shop you will also find other practical AccessoriesThe scooters can also be equipped with other accessories, such as lighting.

Advantages of a business kick scooter compared to e-scooters and service bicycles

Comparison categories Company scooter /

Industrial scooter

E-Scooter Company bicycles
Field of application A service scooter can be used both inside buildings and outside on the factory premises Only outside buildings Only outside buildings
Occupational health and safety Very low risk of accidents due to large wheels, low footboard and rider close to the ground High risk of accidents due to high speed, small wheels Medium risk of accident, as it is not easy to jump off
Maintenance Very low maintenance, as no wearing parts such as chain, gears, sprockets, very long service life Very maintenance-intensive, as prone to faults, daily charging, short service life Medium maintenance intensity, regular oiling, maintenance necessary
Handling Very agile and manoeuvrable Very agile and manoeuvrable Limited manoeuvrability on narrow paths
Reach Medium (1-5 kilometres), longer distances also possible, but more strenuous than with a company bike. high (also long distances) high (also long distances)
Space requirement low low higher, as larger dimensions

Of course, company scooters are also the healthy option for your employees, keeping them fit and healthy compared to electrically powered vehicles.

Transportation scooter and cargo scootermonark transport scooter load scooter

Transport scooters or cargo scooters are a sub-type of company scooters, which are characterised by the fact that you can also transport larger and heavier loads with them. So if the transport of parcels and other loads is a priority, you should use our transport scooters.

Kick scooters for corporate customers - your reliable B2B partner

We supply numerous large corporate customers. We guarantee on-time delivery, even for larger quantities. Of course, there are also quantity discounts for larger order quantities according to our attractive discount scales. In addition, we will be happy to advise you on which company rollers are best suited to your needs. Talk to us, we will always find a suitable solution.