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What size scooter for 4 year olds?

Which scooter size fits your 4-year-old child depends mainly on the height of your child. On average, children are approx. 103cm tall at the age of 4 (source: The table below shows you which handlebar height and handlebar width is suitable for an average height of approx. 100-105cm.

Age Average size Recommended handlebar height Recommended handlebar width
4 years Approx. 100-105cm (girls usually slightly smaller than boys) Approx. 65-70cm Approx.46-50cm

So if your child is of a similar height, you should consider the recommended measurements for handlebar height and width when choosing the right scooter. All the scooters we have listed on this page are suitable for this height.

If your child is already 110cm or taller at the age of 4, you should use our Scooters from 5 years or 110cm look at. Because this way your child has more "air" to grow. The scooters for four years would also fit, but your child will grow out of them faster. Because your child grows at this age approx. 7cm per year. The following principle therefore applies:

Rule of thumb for choosing the right children's scooter:

"Choose the scooter as big as possible so your child has plenty of room to grow, but make sure your child meets the minimum body size specified."

Can children as young as 4 ride scooters?

You should consider the following when choosing a children's scooter from the age of 4. At the age of 4, your child's motor skills and coordination are usually already well trained - for example, by riding a micro scooter or running bike at a younger age. Riding these vehicles gradually becomes less interesting for your child because it is no longer a challenge for them. In short, for many (but not all) the jump to the next bigger scooter is imminent. For many 4-year-olds, larger scooters that only have 2 wheels and thus make greater demands on their children's balance are now a possibility.

In order for your child to switch from a micro scooter with 3 wheels to a larger scooter with 2 wheels, the following criteria should be met:

  • Sufficiently developed motor skills: Your child should ideally already have a good command of riding a running bike or micro scooter.
  • Body height min. 100cm: In addition to dexterity in handling scooters or other vehicles, body size is crucial. Regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl - for the change to a bigger Kids scooter the body height should be at least 1 metre. This ensures that the children have a good and safe grip on the handlebars and the entire scooter.

If both criteria are met, the world of big scooters is open to your child.

This is what you should consider when choosing a children's scooter

When choosing the right children's scooter, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Does your child reach the recommended minimum height?
  • Is the handlebar height adjustable or does your child have enough "air" to grow?
  • Is the scooter light enough for your child?
  • Where should the scooter primarily be used (asphalt or also gravel?)

In a way, 4 years is the most difficult age to find the right children's scooter. Difficult not in the sense that children at the age of 4 have greater difficulty learning to ride a scooter. What is difficult is choosing the right type of scooter at this age. The most important criterion is not the age per se, but how far your child has already developed physically. For a toddler of 4 years old, a two-track scooter may still be advisable. For most four-year-olds, however, a two-wheeled scooter is absolutely suitable. It depends on the dexterity and above all on the body size.

Older children of this age can usually ride a scooter as easily as a primary school child. Of course, you should also pay attention to the weight of the scooter. A scooter for 4-year-olds should still be as light as possible so that your child can lift and move the scooter without any problems. Since a scooter can easily reach higher speeds, you should show your child how to brake and practise braking extensively. Maybe you have the opportunity to let your child try out one or the other type of scooter at a neighbour's house. Then you can see which scooter for children is the right one for your offspring.

It is also important that the handlebars are height-adjustable so that your child can ride them for as long as possible.

You should also ask yourself in advance where your child primarily wants to use the scooter. There are two basic types of scooters from the age of 4: Kids scooter with pneumatic tyres or children's scooters with hard plastic tyres. The widely used scooters with hard plastic tyres are ideal for riding on asphalt and in the city. They are very light and agile. Scooters with pneumatic tyres are of higher quality and more reminiscent of a bicycle with pneumatic tyres. They are therefore also suitable for longer distances and are superior to other scooters in terms of handling, comfort and safety. Of course, this is also reflected in the higher price. We have selected a high-quality range for both girls and boys from the age of 4. We only carry quality brands!

Why is riding a scooter good for your 4-year-old child?

At the age of 4, your child wants to discover the world, jump in puddles, climb trees and let off steam physically. Lots of exercise in the fresh air is especially important for kids now. In addition, children at this age develop an understanding of distances, speed, steering and braking. With a scooter, your child can train these skills without much risk - because compared to riding a bike, riding a scooter is safer and easier to learn. In addition, the large muscle groups such as leg and arm muscles are trained very well.

What are the best scooters for 4 year olds?

We have picked out the 3 best children's scooters from our point of view. Which of the 3 is best for your child depends on what kind of scooter you are looking for:

Yedoo New Mau Space Scooter Junior X360 JD BUG JUNIOR MS 100
Field of application
  • Road and gravel paths
  • High safety and best driving characteristics due to pneumatic tyres
  • Street
  • High fun factor due to drive mechanism
  • Street
  •  Classic scooter with great price-performance ratio
Weight 6kg 6kg 2,3 kg
Handlebar height 69-78cm Handlebar height adjustable in 3 steps (76-93 cm) 65-84,5cm
Handlebar width 48cm 25cm 25cm
Max. Load 75kg 60kg 50kg
Price 179,90 EUR 119,95 EUR 49,95 EUR
Equipment and accessories
  • Stand integrated
  • Reflectors integrated
  • Integrated impact cushion
  • Mudguards optionally available