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Advantages of city scooters for adults compared to bicycles

City scooter for adults are the new trend. Not only because they are super practical and manoeuvrable in the city, but also because they are a nose ahead of the bicycle in the city. Find out more about city scooters with pneumatic or hard plastic tyres here.

Infographic City Scooter Scooter - Advantages of pedal scooters in the city
Infographic City scooters for adults - advantages of pedal scooters in the city
  1. City scooter for Adults are agile and nimble. They have compact dimensions and a low weight compared to a bicycle and the most important thing - riding is simply fun! You are also closer to the ground and can comfortably get off if necessary.
  2. City scooters may be ridden in pedestrian zones and on the pavement.
  3. City scooters can be easily stowed away and transported. Because they are light, compact and can often be used as a Folding scooter Fold up. Folding city scooter are unbeatable for transport.
  4. City scooters for adults may be taken free of charge on public transport.
  5. Suit wearers also appreciate city scootersBecause you don't sit on the scooter, there are far fewer creases and the fabric of the trousers is subjected to far less stress in the seat area.
  6. It simply makes Funto glide through the city on a scooter.

These features make scooters the perfect companion for commuters who use public transport such as bus, train or underground and need to cover the last few kilometres between the bus stop and work or the front door by scooter.

City scooter on zebra crossing
City scooter Yedoo

Scooters for adults - types

When many adults think of pedal scooters or city scooters, they first think of the small scooters with small hard plastic wheels, such as those found at Children's scooters occur frequently. The world of the City scooter for adults, however, is much more colourful. For every application, there are special scooters that fit the purpose exactly. We show you what types of city scooters there are and tell you what scooter is best suited for.

How do I find the right city scooter for me?

Several factors play a role in choosing the right adult scooter. The most important criteria that you can use to select the adult scooter that is best for you are:

  • Height
  • Driving distance
  • Load

The first thing to look at when buying a city scooter for adults should be the size of the scooter. Not every scooter for children or city scooter is suitable for tall riders from about 190 cm. It is generally important that you can optimally adjust the height of the handlebars for your body size. For scooters, the rule of thumb is "handlebar height = stride length plus 5 cm". The stride length is the inside measurement of your leg length from the heel to the crotch. However, tall riders will also find the right city scooter in our well-stocked online shop, for example the Boardy Bamboo Scooter in the XL version.

The distance travelled is also an important criterion when choosing the right city scooter. For short journeys, for example from the bus to the office, scooters like those used by children are very suitable. Provided the road is level and free of tripping hazards. For longer distances, scooters with pneumatic tyres such as the YEDOO Dragstr 20/20 recommendable.

You should also pay attention to the maximum load of your favourite scooter. Up to 100 kg, you can choose practically any city scooter for children or adults from our online shop. If the load is higher, for example due to shopping or a fully packed rucksack, you should choose a scooter with a higher load capacity, such as the Boardy Bamboo XXL or SwiftyOne MK3 scooter for the City.

In the following table, we have once again clearly arranged for you which scooters for adults are best suited for which purpose and which routes.

Comparison scooter for adults
City scooter with hard plastic wheels City scooter with small pneumatic tyres City scooter with large pneumatic tyres
Inch size 6 inch to 10 inch 12 inch to 16 inch 20 inch to 26 inch
Ride comfort Only good on asphalt very good superb
Reach few km long distances Very long distances
Manoeuvrability Extremely manoeuvrable and handy Manoeuvrability significantly better than with bicycle Manoeuvrability similar to bicycle
Off-road capability Not suitable for uneven floors also for gravel and forest paths also for gravel and forest paths
Weight 3kg - 7kg 7kg-10kg 8kg-12kg
Price 100 Euro to 300 Euro 250 Euro to 500 Euro 300 Euro to 600 Euro
Examples Xootr scooter Kickbike Clix and especially scooters of the brand Yedoo such as Yedoo S16S16 Crussis Cobra


Kickbike City

City scooter with small wheels made of hard plastic

Scooters with small 6 to 10 inch hard plastic wheels are the lightest and most compact scooters for adults. They are also usually foldable and can be folded to a very small pack size in just a few seconds. These features make them ideal for commuters who need to transport the scooter on the bus, train or underground and want to cover the last few kilometres with the city scooter.

However, the plastic wheels are only suitable for asphalt paths without bumps. The wheels are similar to those used in inline skates. And anyone who has ever been on inline skates knows that, for example, coarse rolling chippings or larger bumps are not kindly disposed to them. In addition, the wheels offer little suspension and thus pass on any unevenness directly to the scooter rider. This is why scooters with hard plastic wheels are not suitable for longer distances over 5 km, nor for bumpy roads. However, if you only travel short, flat distances and want a space-saving and lightweight scooter, city scooters with plastic wheels are the first choice.

Width and material of the footboard

If you have a City scooter for adults with small plastic wheels If you want to buy a scooter, you should pay attention to the fact that the scooters differ in terms of the width and material of the footboard. Models with a wide footboard provide a very secure stand and also allow both feet to be placed next to each other. This allows for a more relaxed ride and also makes it easier to change feet while riding the scooter. A narrow footboard, on the other hand, allows for more efficient riding for longer distances, as the foot can be guided closer to the scooter. Regardless of the width of the footboard, the more stable the material, the better. Aluminium running boards have the highest stability, followed by magnesium and wood. This is also reflected in the price of the scooter.

City scooter with pneumatic tyres 12-16 inch

If you are looking for a lightweight and compact scooter, but do not want to do without a certain riding comfort, you should take a closer look at our city scooters with small pneumatic tyres. The Pneumatic tyres with 12-16 inch have two advantages over the 6-10 inch plastic wheels: On the one hand, the wheels are larger and thus compensate for the unevenness of the road surface much better than the smaller wheels. Secondly, the air in the tyres absorbs shocks much better, making the riding experience more comfortable and also safer. The larger pneumatic tyres also increase stability so that significantly higher speeds can be achieved.

Compared to the city scooters with even larger 20-26 inch pneumatic tyres, the city scooters with 12-16 inch wheels have the advantage that they are smaller and more manoeuvrable and also lighter. So if you need a compact and handy scooter, but have higher demands on the driving characteristics and/or have longer distances to cover, you should go for scooters with smaller pneumatic tyres and a short wheelbase. Many of the city scooters with pneumatic tyres are also foldable. These are particularly suitable for commuters who have to cover longer distances or who want to enjoy extra riding comfort.

City scooter with pneumatic tyres 20-26 inch

If you want to scoot through the city very comfortably and quickly and also sometimes ride longer distances, we recommend scooters with large air-filled wheels with a size of 20 to 26 inches in the front and 16 to 20 inches in the rear. The large tyres perfectly compensate for unevenness in the road surface and you can easily reach higher speeds. Furthermore, larger wheels increase the distance to the ground, which minimises the risk of getting stuck on obstacles with the scooter. So if it's not the transportability but the driving characteristics that are important, city scooters with larger pneumatic tyres are recommended.

Among the city scooters with larger pneumatic tyres, there are models that are designed more for leisurely cruising and shopping and fast city scooters that focus more on sporty riding.

Cosy city cruisers for adults

Comfortable city scooters are characterised by cranked handlebars and a high stem, which results in a pleasantly upright standing position. In addition, they often have excellent damping properties and wider tyres that iron out almost all bumps. The focus is not on speed, but on a relaxed riding experience.

Sporty city scooters for adults

Sporty city scooters for adults, on the other hand, are faster. They are also suitable for longer distances and are versatile: for short distances in the city, but also for long distances and heavier loads.

What brakes do city scooters for adults have?

City scooters for adults are equipped with three different braking systems, depending on the design and tyres. City scooters come with so-called friction brakes, rim brakes or disc brakes.

Friction brake for adult and children scooters

Scooters that adults and children ride are usually equipped with so-called friction brakes. On a scooter, the mudguard above the rear wheel acts as a brake. The way it works is quite simple. While riding, the mudguard is pressed onto the wheel with one foot, thus slowing the wheel down. When the foot is lifted again, a spring pulls the mudguard back from the wheel so that it can turn freely again. Various models such as the XOOTR CRUZ ULTRA from our online shop are also equipped with a brake of this type on the front wheel. This friction brake is operated via a lever on the handlebar of the scooter.

Friction brakes are very finely controllable, but wear out the tyre. On a scooter for children or adults, these brakes are used because the relatively small wheels do not offer enough space for a rim or disc brake. Rims made of plastic are also not suitable for rim brakes.

Rim brakes / V-brakes - proven standard for city scooters

Rim brakes, or V-brakes, are safe and have been proven on two-wheelers for decades. They are still the standard brakes on bicycles and are also used for adult city scooters with larger pneumatic tyres. These large scooters for adults can be braked with the aid of Rim brakes safe, in emergencies fast and normally well-dosed braking. Another advantage over friction brakes: With rim brakes, the brake shoes wear out and not the wheel or rim. If necessary, worn brake pads can be replaced with new pads in a few easy steps. Rim brakes are also operated on city scooters via levers on the handlebars of the city scooter.

Disc brakes for city scooters - safe is safe

Disc brakes are becoming more and more popular as a braking system for high-quality city scooters for adults. For example, the YEDOO RUN RUN MEZEQ City scooter and the Mibo Royal DISC City scooters from our online shop have one disc brake at the front and one at the back. Compared to other brakes such as simple friction brakes and rim brakes, disc brakes have the advantage that they are very insensitive to moisture. They are far away from the ground and thus their braking effect is not affected even by heavy rain or puddles. Like rim brakes, they are operated by levers on the handlebars of the scooter.

Accessories for scooters adults

City scooters for adults and children are delivered ready to ride. This means you can start riding immediately and enjoy the unique fun of riding your new city scooter. However, most manufacturers deliver their city scooters as "fair weather scooters" without mudguards and lights. In most cases, this is not a problem. However, if you want to use your city scooter in all weathers, then we recommend that you equip the scooter with Mudguards front and rear and a Lighting equipped. Equipped in this way, you are also safe on the road in rainy weather, at dusk and in the dark with a children's scooter or city scooter for adults. If you want to use the scooter for shopping, then a sturdy Wire basket or a Bag for the handlebars are useful accessories. The baskets and bags available for scooters and scooter adults are also practical accessories for transporting briefcases or school bags.

Carrying straps and carrying bags for city scooters

For the comfortable transport of your scooter, you can get carrying straps and carrying bags in our online shop. The carrying bags are designed so that a folded scooter fits comfortably inside and can be easily carried like a briefcase. With a practical and adjustable carrying strap from our online shop, you can simply hang your scooter and larger scooters over your shoulder and take them with you on the bus or train or carry them comfortably into your home. Just take a look around in the category Accessories of our online shop for adult city scooters and children's scooters. Here you will find everything you need for the perfect equipment of your scooter at a favourable price.

With a city scooter, adults have just as much fun as children. City scooters for adults are practical, fast, safe and have many advantages over a bicycle. Order your new city scooter here in our online shop today. Just give us a call or send us an email if you are not sure which city scooter is right for you, because we want you to have many years of fun with your new adult city scooter.

City scooter for city sightseeing tours

More and more tourist information offices and city tour providers are turning to scooters for tourists. The relaxed scooter experience through the city, the comfortable stop at sights and the possibility to use pavements make scooters the ideal companion for any city tour. Adjusting the scooters to the respective rider is also limited to adjusting the handlebar height at most. With just a few simple steps, you are ready to go. As a rule, scooters are used that are already equipped with a stand and mudguards as standard.