Kids scooter from 7 years (125cm)

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Children's scooters for 7-year-old boys and girls

When choosing a suitable scooter for 7-year-old children, there are some criteria to consider. We would like to explain in more detail below which points you should pay particular attention to.

Height of the child

Not only the age of the child plays a role in the selection of the appropriate Children's scooters but also the height of the child. For example, children who are seven years old and are already taller than 130 cm have different models than children of the same age who are only 120 cm tall. For example, the Yedoo Frida&Fred Only suitable for older children. We have included the minimum size of the scooter in the product description of each product. You should always pay attention to this when buying a children's scooter. Riding a scooter is only fun and safe if your child has already reached or exceeded the minimum size. Unlike when riding a bicycle, the inside stride length of your child is not relevant because there is no saddle on a scooter.

Children's scooter with pneumatic tyres vs. hard plastic tyres

Basically, two types of children's scooters can be distinguished: Kids scooter with pneumatic tyres and scooters with hard plastic wheels. Scooters with hard plastic wheels are suitable for short distances on flat surfaces such as asphalt. Their advantage is that they are very light and compact. In comparison, scooters with pneumatic tyres are larger and somewhat less agile, but they offer much better riding characteristics and are also suitable for longer distances and uneven paths.

Correct inch size of the wheels

The rule is: the bigger the wheels, the better the riding characteristics. A scooter with 20 inch tyres offers more comfort and speed than a scooter that only has 8 inch wheels. However, scooters with smaller wheels are naturally more manoeuvrable. So choosing the right children's scooter depends on what your child primarily wants to use the scooter for.

Other important criteria

Of course, you should not disregard your child's taste. After all, your child should like the scooter and enjoy riding it. And children aged seven often already have precise ideas about which colour and which scooter model appeals to them most.

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